Koraman Ultralight Folding Camping Chair

My kids love this ultralight camping chair, as an adult I can’t see myself ever using it on a regular basis, maybe because I am bigger but I can’t see many adults being comfortable in this, maybe it’s not meant for adults but just in case you are a full grown human being considering this chair please be aware of that. I did sit in this and at 5′-4″ it was right on the edge of being pretty uncomfortable for me but certainly a million times better than sitting on the ground.

All that being said I just had to make my kids fold this [amazon text=chair&asin=B01DQSXNTM] up and put it away because they were sitting in it pretty much non-stop since it arrived. When we first set it up I thought there was no way it was going to last one day, the legs seemed weak to me and if you’re a parent you know kids are not easy on chairs. To my surprise it seems to be holding up well. We camp most of the summer so this will be well used and if it does break I will update my review.

This is easy to set up, in the video you will see my 11 year old taking it apart but she is also the one who put it together. The poles are similar to tent poles so there are bungees inside that keep them together and make assembly easier. There are reinforced pockets that for the fabric that hooks onto the poles. The fabric has mesh so it is very breathable. This is a very low [amazon text=chair&asin=B01DQSXNTM], to me even my 11 year old doesn’t look comfortable in it but she says she is. I could see this being handy if you were at an outdoor concert or a hike or somewhere that you have a backpack and would otherwise be standing a long time.

Time will tell how well this holds up with my children using it. It gets high marks on how compact it is, how lightweight it is (less than 2 pounds) and easy of assembly that’s for sure. Now if it makes it as long as standard camping chair I will be really impressed.

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