Unbreakable Wine Glasses


I have to admit when these glasses first arrived I wasn’t as impressed as I thought they would be and I think that is because I was anticipating them feeling just like a glass wine glass and when you tap them you can tell they’re plastic but I soon realized that is pretty much the only time you can tell they’re plastic.

When I did my video review for these I hadn’t had a chance to really drink out of them yet but last night I had that chance and drinking out of them proved to be the thing to get me to love this product.

I brought 3 of the [amazon text=glasses&asin=B014JVRNZK] to a friend’s house who loves wine so I knew she would be the perfect person to test them with me. At first she was confused as to why I brought [amazon text=wine glasses&asin=B014JVRNZK] but when I said they were plastic she couldn’t believe it and wanted to try them.

I washed these in my dishwasher without issue. We had red wine in them and there were no stains and they didn’t affect the taste at all. Occasionally when we would set these down on the table I noticed that they sounded like a glass glass which I thought was interesting.

I knew when I did my video review that I would have to truly testing these by dropping one on my hardwood floor and when I did there wasn’t even a scratch or a ding or any kind of mark on the glass, it felt wrong to toss it down onto the floor but it was impressive.

I doesn’t matter if these have a beverage in them or not, to look at them you would not think they were not glass. It is not until you tap them or drop them and they don’t break that you realize and/or remember what they are made of. May I add I did not leave with the [amazon text=glasses&asin=B014JVRNZK] I brought to my get together last night, the host decided to keep them and just texted me again to tell me how much she loves them, I’m glad I only brought 3. 🙂

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    Nice! I want one~!

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