Infinuvo Hovo 710 Pet Series Robot Vacuum


This is the second Infinuvo Hovo I’ve received the other one is similar to the [amazon text=Infinuvo Hovo 650&asin=B0186MD58M] and I use it almost daily. This one is surprisingly different and it left me with the decision of which one I liked more. 🙂

I have to first apologize for the choppiness of my video review, there was so much information that I wanted to include because I have more than one robot vacuum and I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like and you’re only allowed 10 minute videos.

That being said here are the bullet points:

*This [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] also has a trailing bar that holds a microfiber cloth to pick up the small fine dust that the vacuum might miss. The other one I noted has a wet trailing bar so it “mops” your hard surface floors as well as vacuums.

*This [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] does carpet and hard surface, my other one did not. Not only does it do both but it seems to do both equally well.

*This [amazon text=vacuum’s&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] remote is much bigger than the other model. I quickly lost the remote to my other one, I’m not as worried about that with this one. You will need (2) AAA batteries for the remote which are not included.

*The virtual blocker for this [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] is far superior than the other one. My other one only went side by side and this blocker has the option to only go to the front or side by side or both! Not only that but it works very well. You will need (2) AA batteries for it which are not included, the other vacuum requires C batteries

*The bin on this [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] is one of the largest I’ve seen on a robot vacuum. Because I am obsessed with my robot vacuums I have one on each floor. This is partly because I have allergies. The one I use in my bedroom (which is all carpet) is from another company and is no longer available but the bin on that one is maybe 1/2 the size as this one as is the bin on my other infinuvo.

*The brush to clean the bin is attached to the bin. This is genius. On my other vacuums I have to store the brush somewhere near the garbage, luckily I have places for them but I could see how they could easily be lost, this is a great solution.

*This [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] is much quieter than my other one, especially when on carpet. You can actually barely hear this when it is on carpet.

*I love that this company puts the error codes on the bottom so that when there is an issue with it you don’t have to look for a manual, you just have to flip it over.

There are a few cons with this vacuum,

Sometimes it does have a hard time finding the charging base. I noticed this with my other infinuvo as well. When I filmed my review it had no issue finding the base but since using it sometimes it is hit and miss and it seems to be worse the closer the battery is to dead. This actually isn’t a huge deal to me because it is on my main floor so I can just guide it but it would be a pain if you didn’t notice until you went to run it.

The remote has to be pointed directly at the [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] in order to work. You will notice in the video part of my review that I didn’t realize this at first so it looks like the remote isn’t working properly but it does.

If I had to choose between this [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B01AD9SJJQ] and the [amazon text=other one&asin=B0186MD58M] that wet mops I would choose this one. Just the fact that it can get up onto my area rug and clean that as well as my hardwood and it picks up a ton! I typically have to use my cordless dyson on my area rug but not any more. You will see at the end of my video how much it picked up in one pass and it was truly disgusting. I had purposely not vacuumed in a couple of days but I was not expecting to see all of that in the bin. Not only that but it filled it up again before I had to charge it, I don’t even know where it found all of that dirt! If it wasn’t for the issue with it finding it’s base this would easily be 5 stars.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what the “Dark” mode is but I swear that you could use these things daily for a year and still not know everything they do. I’m being completely honest when I say they really don’t save me any time because I sit and watch them when they clean in utter amazement. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01AD9SJJQ]

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2 Responses

  1. HP McClendon says:

    Thanks for the reviews, they’ve been very helpful. I really appreciated the video and written, more detailed information. I’ve been shopping around for a robotic vacuum for a while. This company has a lot of the features I was looking for (UV light, mopping ability, etc)

    Are you still using both of your Infinuvo Hovo vacuums? How are they holding up? Have you had any repairs or replacements? Or if they are no longer with us (RIP) how long did they last before kicking the proverbial bucket? Longevity, is one of the biggest concerns when making these types of purchases. If either of them are alive and well, I’d love to see an “A Year (or Two) Later” review. If either of them are alive and well, I’d love to see an “A Year (or Two) Later” review. If either of them are alive and well, I’d love to see an “A Year (or Two) Later” review.

    • Michelle says:

      I gave my mother one of the hovo and I was using the other one but I’m finding the one I kept (the red one) does not do as well on my commercial low pile carpet as I was hoping and it did have issues going from hard wood to my thicker area rug. If you are using this strictly on hard surface floors I think you would be fine. I have had no issues with the battery but that is because I turn it off when I know I’m not going to use it for a while, this is rather important to do with that particular brand.

      I do have another vacuum that I received a little before the hovo that I really liked on my carpet but the battery in that one died and it is hard to find, when I did finally find it I realized it was quite expensive ($60ish which is expensive to me).

      So that being said, I believe it has been over a year now if not longer and they are both still working but I admittedly do not use them daily so I don’t know if that is why they are still going or if it is indeed the product itself. I hope that helps.

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