S-Zone Top-Handle Blue Leather Bag

First let me say, just in case you didn’t notice, this is BLUE LEATHER and not only is it blue leather it is metallic blue leather, how is that even possible?!

To those of us that hate carrying around a big, bulky laptop bag or worse yet a separate laptop bag and purse this is a great solution. The straps are thin yet comfortable and the top of [amazon text=bag&asin=B018XCPLJQ] (on me) hits just under my arm. It feels very much like a large purse.

There are lots of pockets and storage on this [amazon text=laptop bag&asin=B018XCPLJQ] including a large zipper compartment in the middle to hold a tablet or small laptop (my giant dinosaur laptop did not fit unfortunately but it did fit in the regular pocket). There are also 2 open compartments that are perfect for cellphone and business cards. On the opposite side is a smaller zippered pocket that you can throw your keys or other items you don’t want to lose in.

Approximate Dimensions:
Overall: 17.5″W x 12″H
Handles: 11.5″ to highest point from top of bag, 8″ between where they attach to the bag, .5″W
Large Open Pocket: 5″W x 3.75″H
Small Open Pocket: 3″W x 3.75″H
Small Zipper Pocket: opening: 6.5″ 4″H
Large Zipper Pocket: Noted in video review

The whole [amazon text=bag&asin=B018XCPLJQ] does zip shut so you don’t have to worry about things falling out. The material inside seems easy to clean and is in a brown color. The stitching on this bag seems very durable.

This [amazon text=bag&asin=B018XCPLJQ] comes in 3 colors, the blue I reviewed, black and pewter (the pewter if very cool as well) and they’re all very stylish. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique, stylish [amazon text=laptop bag&asin=B018XCPLJQ] that can also double as a purse this is a great solution, I mean, come on, it’s BLUE LEATHER!! 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B018XCPLJQ]

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