CSJ Behind the Neck Sport Headphones


I got these sport headphones for my husband. He had a [amazon text=similar pair&asin=B00SHK2XLE] that he really liked and they broke within a couple month of using them and since he really liked them he was disappointed but liked the style so he decided to try this pair instead.

So far so good on these. He’s had them a couple of weeks and likes them a lot better than his [amazon text=previous pair&asin=B00SHK2XLE]. He has an Iphone 5c and said that these paired very easily and once paired as long as your bluetooth is already on they sync almost immediately. He shows how quickly in my video review.

Both my husband and I have never been a fan of earbuds, neither of us can get them to stay in our ears and he has problems with the smaller headphones that have the hooks that hook onto your ears so this style has proven to be his favorite.

I have read where other people have said that they had a problem with sound as far as hearing phone calls and people hearing them while on a phone call but my husband has been using these at the gym 3 days/week 2 hours each day and has had no complaints and when I called him I could hear so well that I could hear people using weights in the background even though they weren’t near where he was at the time.

My husband demonstrates how well these [amazon text=headphones&asin=B01BLPROS8] fit him and how he can move around and job while wearing them and have no issues. I don’t know if this will be the case for everyone, he has a big head so I’m sure that helps but he said he only has to adjust them occasionally while working out.

There are other pros to these that he mentions in the video review and his only con is that the bluetooth flashing blue light is pretty bright and kind of distracting and screams look at me but that is (I’m guessing) not going to bug most people.

If there are any issues in the future with these [amazon text=headphones&asin=B01BLPROS8] I will update my Amazon review. I did the same with the review for the previous pair he got. But, so far he’s very happy with this set which is what’s important.

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