Telescoping Smores Sticks


This smores stick set is the perfect solution for me since I camp most of the summer. We have a camper which is decent size but since there are 4 of us in our family space is always a priority.

First, these arrive in a nice zipper bag that makes storage very easy especially when you are traveling. Our current sticks are quite long and take up more space in our camper than we would like.

These [amazon text=smores sticks&asin=B0186ECTBY] telescope like an antenna on an old stereo would. I like that they are in multiple colors which help to keep track of whose stick is whose, if the color part glowed in the dark that would be amazing but that is wishful thinking on my part.

I was able to add 1 marshmallow on one stick and on another I was able to separate the tines a little to do 2 marshmallows which is great when you have to make for multiple people.

The ends of the tines are not sharp which I like because as a mom these sticks can get dangerous. When they are fully telescoped they are a little weaker than when they are collapsed which I worry will be an issue over the long haul but luckily there are 8 of them so if one should break (and one will break, my kids will make sure of that) there are plenty to replace it.

It is still a couple months until camping season for us so it will take me a bit to truly test these [amazon text=smores sticks&asin=B0186ECTBY]¬†“out in the field” but I don’t anticipate any issues, should I encounter any I will update my review. So far I found them easy to use, easy to clean and think they are going to be the perfect solution for our camping family.

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