Gogo Shopping Bicycle Bottle Opener Set

I saw these bottle openers and as a friend of people who not only collect bikes but also bike enthusiasts I knew that these would go to good use especially since a few of said bike enthusiasts are also beer enthusiasts. 🙂

I thought these were a neat novelty [amazon text=bottle opener&asin=B01ITNQ09Y] but I was worried when I saw the images of them that they wouldn’t be very strong but boy was I wrong, these are nice and sturdy. The [amazon text=bikes&asin=B01ITNQ09Y] seem to be made from one solid piece, I couldn’t see any welds or seams. These are a set of 4 so you can keep one or two and give a couple away or put one in a couple different rooms of your house, whatever floats your boat. 🙂

The packaging for these is cute, a little feminine but that doesn’t really matter because you are not going to keep them on their backing. The [amazon text=bikes&asin=B01ITNQ09Y] actually have a truly vintage look. They are made out of a bronze material and have neat details including ridges on the tires. These are a decent size at 3.25″x2″ so at least for me there is plenty of room to hold them while opening a bottle.

These are really nice and would make a great gift or a conversation piece and they work which is always a good thing. I love the fact that they look like they could be old, as a fan of all things vintage that is always a plus for me. Near little [amazon text=bottle openers&asin=B01ITNQ09Y].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01ITNQ09Y]

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