EpochAir Bicycle (Bike) Pizza Cutter

I’ve seen these bicycle pizza cutters around on various websites for a while now and thought they were very clever. Since I like whimsical things in my kitchen of course I had to have it.

We haven’t had pizza yet but I was able to test this [amazon text=pizza cutter&asin=B01ER9URT8] out on quesadillas which are sometimes harder to cut than pizza. I did a video review to demonstrate it. This was my first time using it so you can see that I could use some practice.

The first thing I did when it arrived was hand wash it, I have not washed this in the dishwasher and I probably won’t simply because I’m not sure where I would put it in the dishwasher and because it just needs to be lightly cleaned.

I noticed a couple of things right off the bat; the holder is plain metal and not the same color as the bike as pictured in the listing (not a big deal). The frame of the bike (the colored part) is plastic and everything that is black, as far as I can tell, is metal. The handles turn but they do not turn the wheel, I only mention this because as soon as I noticed they moved I wondered if the wheel would turn. The wheels are very sharp and feel quite strong.

I think the most difficult part about using this [amazon text=pizza cutter&asin=B01ER9URT8] is finding a good way to hold it. I’ve decided to hold it by the frame if using both wheels but really doing a wheelie with it seems the easiest way to use it and this is probably because most of us are use to using 1 wheel when cutting pizza. Until I get the hang of it this might be what I do because it was a little difficult for me to get both wheels in line to get a straight cut but I’ll keep trying.

In case you are wondering how big this is it is 7″L x approximately 4″H. Also I should mention when it is in the stand it is very sturdy. If you don’t like the yellow color that I got this also come in [amazon text=pink&asin=B01ER9URV6].

No matter what it is a super cool idea and as you will see in the video my son thinks it’s great that mommy cut dinner with a bike. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01ER9URT8]

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