Manhattan & Ash Kitchen Conversion Chart

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I’ve been cooking and baking for years and I could not even begin to count how many times I could have used this chart. 

I really like this kitchen conversion chart. I cook for my family almost every day and then I also bake occasionally as well and there are times when a recipe will call for a measurement that I don’t have available and I’m reaching for my phone to ask Google what I need to do or worse yet asking my 11 year old math wiz daughter who seems to know all of these off the top of her head making me look like an idiot. 🙂 Well, maybe not all of them, I’m not sure most people know how many smidgens are in a dash. 

Not only is this a very functional [amazon text=chart&asin=B01M0FV8EK] the design of it is incredibly well done. As a designer I love the use of color in this, the way one flows into the next and they really aren’t a commonly used color combination and I applaud the designers of this [amazon text=chart&asin=B01M0FV8EK] for that. The examples are easy to read and look good as well.

I have a kitchen that was updated in the 1950’s, it is actually the reason I fell in love with my house, and this will fit right in while still looking modern. I love when modern and retro work really well together, it makes me happy.

This is made of a pretty thick paper but it has a matte finish which is a nice look but it also means if you are planning on hanging this in your kitchen a frame is a must or it will get ruined rather quickly between the grease and the steam and all the other happenings in a kitchen. This is 12″ x 16″ chart so make sure you buy the appropriate sized frame.

I will be heading to the local art supply store soon to pick up my frame (always bring a coupon and frames can be really inexpensive- that’s my extra tip for the day) and hang this in my kitchen where I’m sure it will be well used if for nothing else than to double check my math wiz daughter’s answers to how many quarts are in a gallon or the next time my recipe calls for a pinch instead of a dash. 🙂

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