Amcrest Outdoor Dome Security Camera

My husband has been wanting a security camera for the house for a while now, not for any reason other than peace of mind and this one fits the bill.

As you will see in my video review we set our [amazon text=camera&asin=B01E7QO3AA] up first in the office to test it and figure out all of the ins and outs. We did an instructional review in case anyone was having issues setting it up. I suggest dry fitting it near your computer and testing the app before you actually install it to you home.

I said in my review that I would measure this but since it is currently installed on my roof that is not an option. Once you get this all set up it takes very clear footage both night and day. Here are some quick bullet points on things you need to know:

* This does not rotate once installed, it is a stationary [amazon text=camera&asin=B01E7QO3AA]. You might get confused when you open the app because it looks like it will move the camera but that is only because the app can also be used for other devices

*This shows 81 degrees of wherever it is pointed. This should be more than enough, as you will see at the end of my video review it shows pretty much all of our yard and onto our front steps.

*You can program the settings so that it starts filming when it detects motion and you can even block out spots on where it is pointed, for example we have a flag, we can block that area out if we want because on windy days it will film constantly.

* Since this is viewed via wifi you can see it on your computer and phone and you can send videos to cloud storage

*You can power this by purchasing either a DC power source or a [amazon text=POE injector&asin=B00CDT4OR6], neither of these are included and you will need at least one to make this work. As you will see with the video we went with the POE input (this provides power over the ethernet) and it worked very well for us. You also may need a lot of ethernet cable (also not included) to install this depending on how far away from your router you put it.

*The software is Windows and MAC compatible.

I’m sure there is more but you can get a lot of information from the video review. Make sure you watch it to the end, we had a creepy guy in our yard that we caught on the [amazon text=camera&asin=B01E7QO3AA].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01E7QO3AA]

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