T-fal Electric Indoor Countertop Grill

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Love the doneness feature on this grill, has worked perfectly 

I’ve had a few electric countertop grills over the years. I started with the [amazon text=Forman Grill&asin=B00KDVJLJW], I think a lot of us did, and then I had the [amazon text=Cuisinart Griddler&asin=B002YD99Y4] and most recently this [amazon text=T-fal OptiGrill&asin=B00H4O1L9Y]. Each time I’ve purchased a new grill there is something new to love. With the [amazon text=Forman Grill&asin=B00KDVJLJW] (probably one of the original ones) the plates were fixed and it was a pain. With the Griddler it didn’t heat evenly and the finish on the plates ended up coming off after a while. So far with the T-fal I haven’t really found anything I don’t like other than I would have loved if it was just 1” bigger, 4 burgers can fit but they’re a little tight.

The best feature about this grill is the light that tells you the doneness of whatever you’re cooking or maybe it is the defrost feature, I’m still deciding.

This is very easy to use and does a great job. First you install the plates. The plates are much thicker than the ones that were on my [amazon text=Griddler&asin=B002YD99Y4] and the finish feels more durable, it is completely different. They install by sliding into tabs on the back and come out with the push of a button, well two actually, one on top and one on bottom. Make sure you add your grease holder at the bottom, I’ve forgotten that thing on every other grill I’ve had and it is not a fun mistake. Next press the power button, if your food is frozen press the snowflake button but if it is thawed press the button that is the same as what you are cooking – the burger button for burgers, the sausage button for breakfast and dinner sausage, etc then press the OK button. You will see the circle on the right light up a pink/purple color and once it is pre-heated you will hear a series of beeps and then you can add your food. The color will start at purple and then go to green, yellow, orange, red, these are your doneness levels. At the end of each level you will hear another series of beeps and when you hit the end of well-done it will beep a lot. I don’t know how this thermometer works but it has worked consistently every time I’ve used it.

Tip: If you start the grill and press the power button and the type of food you are cooking and then OK and the “M” button lights up rather than the food you are cooking that means the plates aren’t in correctly.

So far I couldn’t be happier with this [amazon text=grill&asin=B00H4O1L9Y], it works well, it is easy to use, it has some very cool and helpful features and it fits on my limited counter space. I’m impressed.

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