SolTrek Hiking Poles

Wow! I already have a set of [amazon text=hiking poles&asin=B016B259HY]¬†or at least I thought I did because now I’m giving those to my daughter because they are nothing compared to this set.

Honestly it is too cold for hiking right now so I haven’t had my chance to test these out in the woods but I will update this review if I notice any issues at all with these but I don’t anticipate it because these are impressive right out of the gate. For me it is important that the handles are comfortable because I do rely on my hiking poles a lot. I’m a klutz and without my poles I’m guaranteed to fall down on a hike just ask my family. Not only are the handles comfortable but the wrist straps are nice and soft as well, also a requirement.

Like my other set the measurements on these are in cm and I am in the states so I’m use to inches, I don’t know if that is a standard thing for hiking sticks because I only have this set and my other set to compare them to. These slide very easily and lock very tightly so I don’t have to worry about them coming apart on me if they get stuck in the mud, and they will get stuck in the mud. When these are closed up they are a total of 27″ long so they will store nicely in our camper.

These are both rigid and anti shock and they impressively made. I can not wait to get out and hike our local stateparks during the next camping season. My kids are getting my old [amazon text=hiking poles&asin=B016B259HY] because mommy is officially hiking in style.

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