Geepro Full HD Action Sports Camera


What an impressive little [amazon text=camera&asin=B00S0JKD5K]. Not only is the camera impressive but so are all of the attachments and the instructions are clear and easy to follow and very helpful.

I admit I am not a daredevil. My husband and my kids skateboard. I mainly wanted this because we hike a lot and we hike to a lot of waterfalls and it gets very wet and I thought this would be great to try out which I plan on doing this weekend.

Make sure you have a micro SD card, you are going to need one and it doesn’t come with one. Otherwise this has a ton of accessories (I have included a video to show them to you). This is very small, while in the case the camera is 3.25″ x 3″ x 1.75″. Obviously when it is not in the case it is much smaller. It is also quite light.

At the end of my video showing all of the pieces I have included a short clip I filmed of my scared dog (there are thunderstorms here now). I am planning on using this while hiking this weekend and will update the video then.

I’m sure this will be a lot of fun to use. I can’t wait to get out with it and see everything it does. I’m sure it will take me a while to figure out all the attachments but I look forward to it!


Update: I was able to use this while camping and hiking this weekend. The accessories are a little hard to figure out without the instructions so keep those with you. Also, when zoomed in all the way the image is a little grainy (you will see it in one part of the video review). Otherwise, super impressive, easy to use, fun [amazon text=camera&asin=B00S0JKD5K].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00S0JKD5K]

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