Twin Bed Connecting Strap

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this twin bed connector would work, but it does.

My husband purchased this [amazon text=connector&asin=B01EVZXWRW] after we both decided we had had enough of the “crack” in our mattress that would separate into a canyon in the middle of the night. He did some research and found this [amazon text=strap&asin=B01EVZXWRW] as well as some foam to put into the crack and the combination of the two have done wonders. 

My first concern since we have (2) twin XL memory foam mattress that are adjustable was if we would still be able to adjust our beds. There are many times when one of us will be elevated while the other one isn’t and if you take that away just to get rid of a crack in the middle it wasn’t worth it as far as I was concerned but they still work.

This was easy to install (I didn’t install it but my husband said it was super easy) and since you put a mattress cover and sheet over it you don’t even know it was there and best of all, NO MORE CRACK IN THE BED!!!!!

As I mentioned earlier we used some other products along with this to solve our issue, they were: 
1) This [amazon text=Bed Connector&asin=B01EVZXWRW]
2) [amazon text=Sleep Innovations Bed Bridge&asin=B0053WHBSO] (I reviewed this separately)
3) A [amazon text=King Size Mattress Pad&asin=B0038ITB5Q]
4) King size Sheet 
This combo seems to be a winning method. 🙂 
[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01EVZXWRW]

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