JustNile Minimalist 12″ Green Wall Clock



20151102_201312Awesome clock, I love the vivid green color; it in a nice contrast against my sapphire colored bathroom walls. The numbers are easy to read as are the hands since they stand out so well against the green background. The (what seems like) brushed aluminum compliments the [amazon text=clock &asin=B01437S3KE] color perfectly.

I am a fan of modern and minimalist design and I am also a big fan of color especially in my bathroom. I’m not a morning person so I like bright colors to greet me first thing in the morning to get me in a good mood. This [amazon text=clock &asin=B01437S3KE] certainly falls in that category.

This [amazon text=clock &asin=B01437S3KE] is silent, I can not hear it working at all no matter how hard I try so if you are a fan of the tick-tock of a clock this is not the one for you. It requires (1) AA battery which is not included. So far this keeps very good time and since I’m using it in bathroom that is where I need it to keep good time so I’m not late in the morning.

I am curious to see how well the metal holds up in my damp bathroom but it will take years to see if that is an issue so for now I couldn’t be happier with this clock; great color and a great look and does its job.

Note: This [amazon text=clock &asin=B01437S3KE] is available in multiple colors and styles including [amazon text=Glow In The Dark &asin=B0151PZ670]! 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01437S3KE]

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