JustNile Modern Drink Pitcher


How cool is this pitcher?! I love all things modern and I saw this pitcher a while ago and loved the design of it. When it arrived I was equally impressed. Even the handle reminds me of the modern hardware you see on kitchen cabinets and I would love to host a dinner party just so I could offer people drinks poured out of this.

This [amazon text=pitcher&asin=B00QV5TVXU] holds approximately 5 cups of fluids (that’s a little over 1 Liter). I really like the piece at the spout that keeps your ice from coming out while pouring drinks. I hate when ice plops into a freshly poured glass and makes a mess.

The exterior of this [amazon text=pitcher&asin=B00QV5TVXU] does not show smudges and has a very minimal brushed quality to it. I did not see any rust on the interior like a saw another review mention so that might have been a fluke; as I matter of fact I see no blemishes at all with my [amazon text=pitcher&asin=B00QV5TVXU].

If you know anyone who loves modern design and clean simple lines this is the perfect [amazon text=drink pitcher&asin=B00QV5TVXU] for them. This would make a great gift especially for Christmas or for a new homeowner. I know I would have been thrilled to receive this as a gift. I could always use a second one (hint, hint) 😀

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00QV5TVXU]

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