Vomach Hammock



While camping this summer my daughter kept commenting whenever she saw a [amazon text=hammock&asin=B016EXI6MK] and would say how cool it would be to have one. When I was a kid I always wanted one in my room so I thought this would be the perfect Christmas present for her. She has a loft bed that we built for her years ago and while she was at school we checked it out and this is going to fit perfectly under her bed, on top of that the colors are the same colors as her bed so, go me.

I can’t attest to how supportive this is because I can’t put this up until Christmas or it will kind of ruin the surprise because I think she would notice this in her room. However, I did take it out of the bag and take a quick video of it so that I could at least show everyone what it looks like up close. The material of this is softer than what I had anticipated by looking at it. The ropes to hold it are installed very well and look very strong. There are ropes included to hang this with and everything comes in a matching bag that I will probably stuff and sew up so that she has a matching pillow for her [amazon text=hammock&asin=B016EXI6MK]. Basically the only thing that I am going to need to install this in her room is hooks that will hold it.

I can not wait to surprise my daughter with this for Christmas. I can already picture her hanging out in her [amazon text=hammock&asin=B016EXI6MK]¬†reading and listening to music, honestly I’m jealous. On top of all that when summer comes we can always take it outside and hook it up or even take it camping with us. I hope she likes it. I plan I updating this review after Christmas with pictures of it installed and I will also note anything else of interest I find once it is in use. As of right now it seems very well made and I’m very happy with this, I hope my daughter is too.

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