Bamber Wood Coffee Mug


I was way happier with this mug that I had anticipated. To start, it’s a wooden cup and that in itself is awesome, not to mention that fact that it is made out of one piece of wood so hopefully that means that it will last a while without cracking.

I fully intend to use [amazon text=this mug &asin=B018JV5O6Q] for water or other beverages. I am not a coffee drinker so I won’t be using it for that but I drink a ton of water and occasionally other beverages and I look forward to trying this for those. The main reason I wanted this (other than to look super rad while drinking) is that I can use it while camping and I don’t have to worry about it being damaged in transit.

Because [amazon text=this mug &asin=B018JV5O6Q] is wood you don’t want it to be wet for too long. Mostly this is the case when you are washing it, obviously since it is made to be drank from it has to hold liquids but you don’t want it to be saturated forever, ie: don’t use it as a vase. When you wash this dry it after and hand wash it, you shouldn’t put wooden things in the dishwasher as a rule anyway (I learned that from Martha Stewart).

I have included a video of this with more detail and dimensions. I will say that this is incredibly lightweight, surprisingly lightweight really, and it is very comfortable to hold. This would make a great gift for a lot of different people. I know I personally would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.

Overall, this is cool, lightweight, comfortable and oh, did I mention it’s cool?! I’m super impressed with [amazon text=this mug &asin=B018JV5O6Q] but I am a fan of unique items and this certainly fits the bill.

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