EVIDECO Vintage Home Bath Mat/Rug


I love all things vintage and this [amazon text=bath mat&asin=B0108UQO5Q] shows some of my favorite things. This is quite large 36″ x 23.5″ so you will have plenty of room to stand on when you get done showering but I actually got it to put by my back door. The main reason for this is that we have a hot tub and I wanted something soft and that could get wet for when we come in from the hot tub. We’ve just been using a towel and it was driving me nuts; this is perfect.

The colors on this are very vivid, I’m sure my video of them does not do them justice. The [amazon text=rug&asin=B0108UQO5Q] itself is very soft to the touch and cushioned when you step on it. The back is slip resistant/water resistant. I’m debating on whether the stereo or the TV are my favorite things on here, of course I am fond of all the items on this [amazon text=mat&asin=B0108UQO5Q] and even have a few of them.

I will have to see how this holds up over time. My animals love it so I’m hoping my new kitten doesn’t ruin it. The only thing that I am still debating if it is a bad thing or not is when you rub the mat one way you can see the white on the other side of the print (typical of microfiber), obviously the print looks better solid but when you the white is showing it actually looks a little more vintage so I can go either way on that but I wanted to mention it.

Overall, I love the subject matter and the feel of this, it is perfect for what I wanted it for.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0108UQO5Q]

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