SoundSOUL Music Water Fountain Speakers

I will admit that these water fountain speakers are cooler than I had anticipated. I got these for my daughter for her birthday but she opened the package when it arrived so now her friend is getting them (don’t worry I’ll probably be getting another set for her later but she doesn’t know that). She is quite jealous that her friend is getting them and not her and with good reason, these are fun to watch, they are like a modern day lava lamp.

I want to make sure it is clear that these are not bluetooth so you are going to have some wires with this set. There is a cable that runs from one [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01G3K0L7W] to the other (it is attached to the first speaker so you don’t have to worry about losing it) and there is a power cable that you plug into the speaker and then into a USB so if you want to use these with a regular outlet you are going to have to purchase an adaptor or if you are like me use one from your cell phone charger. The final cable that is included is an audio jack which you plug into the back of the [amazon text=speaker&asin=B01G3K0L7W] and then into whatever you are playing your music from (in my case my smartphone).

According to the instructions you should make sure your phone volume is on low before plugging it in. Also make sure your audio jack is plugged in tightly or you will hear a loud humming noise. Once you’re all plugged in push play on you music and enjoy the show. One thing I didn’t show in my video review is how cool the lights look on the ceiling, my kids were mesmerized for quite a while watching these, as was I to be honest.

I thought the sound was plenty loud but if you really want to see the water jump you need to have your phone volume turned up really loud and the more bass in the song the better. There is no volume control on the speakers and there is also no power button, both of these things would have been helpful.

If you are thinking of what age group these [amazon text=speakers&asin=B01G3K0L7W] would be ideal for I would say tween to very young adult, however I will admit that I could sit and watch them for a while and not get bored.

Lots of fun to watch, the sound is decent and if it had a couple of added features I would like it even more. If you’re wondering how big these are I added dimensions on my video review. Now to get a set for my daughter’s birthday…

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