Vcom Hero (Transformer) Kid Headphones

UPDATE: Part of these broke, see my amazon review for more information

I got these kid headphones for my Transformer obsessed son who is 4. He saw these and went nuts and I have to admit they are pretty cool.

Things to note right off the bat. The “wings” on the sides of the [amazon text=headphones&asin=B00VW7DKXY] do come off and you can put them back on, this is a good and a bad thing. I like that they come off because when they are on when you lean your head back you can feel them hit whatever is behind you. However, because they do come off that means that they will eventually get lost by my kid.

The ears and the part that goes against your head are both padded and padded very well. They adjust quite a bit so both my 4 year old and 10 year old were able to use them. The sound turns up loud enough but not so loud it will hurt little ears, my son can still hear me talk to him when wearing them as you will see in the video part of my review, of course I didn’t have them turned up too loud but loud enough I could kind of hear the music while he was wearing them.

The design of these [amazon text=headphones&asin=B00VW7DKXY] are very cool right down to the shiny mirror-like finish on the ears. Don’t like the hero look there are other characters and colors available too including: [amazon text=princess&asin=B00VW7DBBA], [amazon text=monsters that look like bugs&asin=B00VW7DH4G], and [amazon text=silly monsters&asin=B014BDDLAC]

When my son put his head down these did start to slip off but they might need to be adjusted a little better, when my daughter was wearing them that didn’t seem to be an issue for her.

He has been wearing these pretty much non stop since they arrived. I read another reviewer that said theirs broke after a couple of weeks, if that happens to mine I will update my Amazon review but so far so good.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00VW7DKXY]


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