Hapyia Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

I had previously tested this speaker individually and found it to be loud with a couple of little design issues that I thought could be better. Then, I was told that you can purchase two of these speakers and sync them together so that you could have stereo surround sound and I knew I had to try it.

The reason I wanted two [amazon text=speakers&asin=B01FXIYST2] was because we have a projector that we watch movies on occasionally but the sound is awful so I put a bluetooth transmitter in the headphone jack and use a bluetooth speaker so we can actually hear what we are watching, now I will be able to use both of these [amazon text=speakers&asin=B01FXIYST2] and not only will our movie be loud it will now be in stereo and we won’t all have to huddle around one speaker!

So here’s the basics of the individual speaker. It should be noted that to get the stereo affect you will need to purchase two speakers separately. I was confused at first because I thought they came as a set so I want to make sure other people didn’t make the same mistake as me.

First and foremost these [amazon text=speakers&asin=B01FXIYST2] are LOUD. I didn’t even have them up all the way when I was reviewing them. I had my phone up all the way but didn’t even come close to turning the speakers all the way up. The things design wise that I have an issue with is that the charging cord and the USB (because this is a battery bank as well) are on what I believe is the bottom (in the product image it is facing up, it is the black circle, all the plug ins are under it) and the controls are on the other end; this leaves me to believe it is probably best to put this horizontal so you can get to both ends easily. Also when the speaker is sitting on the black circle and you have the carabiner on it seems like it doesn’t sit properly. Of course these are trivial things but still worth mentioning. It should be noted as well that the black circle cover is only held on with a thin piece so I worry that it will break sooner rather than later.

All that being said the sound is great, as I said before it is very loud and the sound quality is quite good. Syncing the speakers together and to the phone is very simple. First turn on each of the [amazon text=speakers&asin=B01FXIYST2] individually with the power button. Next press the volume + button on one and the volume – on the other (it doesn’t matter which is which) and hold those buttons in until you hear the speakers beep (about 2 seconds). Next press and hold the play button on the speaker you want to be your main speaker and your [amazon text=speakers&asin=B01FXIYST2] are now paired together. Then open your bluetooth on your phone and click the one for your speakers and you’re all set. I was quite impressed when it worked and it worked smoothly the first time with minimal effort.

From what I can tell you have to do these steps every time you want both speakers to work, they don’t seem to stay connected otherwise. Its not a big deal if you use these regularly but if you don’t do it for a while you might forget the steps and if you don’t keep the users manual with you that might be a pain.

Otherwise, these are well made, super loud and they work together which is the first time I’ve experienced that with a bluetooth speaker. Very cool.

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