X-Case Samsung Galaxy S6 Case


Holy cow this S6 case is heavy. It is so heavy that was inclined to weigh it, this is over 6 oz without the phone inside and then it is over 11 oz once you add the phone, it’s like having a brick in your pocket. This is also 1/2″ thick, so by no means is this a small case. However, I have never had a [amazon text=case&asin=B00X65C4BO] that I felt that my phone was safer in. Not only is there rubber surrounding my phone there are also screws holding the cover in place.

The screws are both a good and bad thing as far as I’m concerned. I have no doubts that my phone cover is going to stay on my phone but if you want to take the cover off for some reason you are going to need an allen wrench. There is on that is included but if you’re like me and lose it (it is possibly that my kids lost it), you will have to find a substitute, luckily we have allen wrenches galore and had one that fit.

Although I didn’t notice them until I was cleaning up this also includes (2) extra screws and a cleaning cloth so that is nice to have. I was nervous when I first started installing this because I had already installed a screen protector and I was worried that my phone wouldn’t work because the screen protector that comes with this case does not come off but it still worked fine and now my screen is doubly protected.

I like that the back is mostly rubber so the phone doesn’t slide around. I was worried with all of that padding that my wireless charger wouldn’t work but it worked fine. I don’t see how this could be waterproof because there are openings for the camera, speaker and home button but it is certainly water resistant.

I think my favorite feature of [amazon text=this case&asin=B00X65C4BO] is how the port opening works, there is no rubber cover that is a super pain to open like most cases have, this swivels out nice and smoothly.  [amazon text=This case&asin=B00X65C4BO] comes in 6 different colors, I was sent the red but I must admit that I really like the yellow color as well. The finish is almost a metallic like it was powder coated which is a nice look. 

While waiting for [amazon text=this case&asin=B00X65C4BO] to arrive I purchased a case from walmart that was on clearance for $9 and that felt like a cheap piece of junk compared to this protector. For the price this is a very impressive case and not only that but you get a little work out every time you lift it. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00X65C4BO]

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