Puredown Puffer Coat


I got this coat for my daughter because she needed a second coat, any mom knows that it only takes one snow storm and a kid outside playing for a winter coat to get soaked and unusable until it dries so two coats are good to have.

Currently my daughter has a very puffy coat with a hood that she has worn for a couple of years, it is also a lady’s size small like this one. I will admit that when [amazon text=this coat&asin=B018761R0A] arrived I was shocked at how thin it was and then I remembered that it is down and does not need to be super thick to be warm. I could tell when I gave it to my daughter that she had her doubts too, especially when she noticed that it comes rolled up in a very small bag. I’m not kidding you when I say that this coat doesn’t weigh much more than a piece of styrofoam.

Because of the material this is made of it is very water resistant. There are pockets on the inside of either side of the jacket as well as zip up pockets on the outside of both sides. The zippers work smoothly (it won’t seem this way in the video part of my review but that is because my daughter apparently forgot how to use zippers while I was filming).

It does get quite cold where I live, lately it hasn’t gotten much below freezing but even at that temperature my daughter said she was warm so that is good since this is a coat and all and that is sort of the point of a coat. If you’re wondering about measurements on this when, laying flat this is, approximately 16″Wx 22.5″ Long. If you need more dimensions than that please let me know and I will get them. My daughter usually wears a size 12-14 in girls and it’s hard to judge what size she wears in women’s depending on the brand it is usually a small or x-small. I would suggest maybe going up a size because typically you are going to be wearing a sweater under this unlike my daughter who is still wearing t-shirts and tank tops in the middle of winter.

So far both myself and my daughter really like [amazon text=this coat&asin=B018761R0A]. She will certainly be putting it through its paces so I will let you know how it holds up if there are any issues but for now we’re both impressed.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B018761R0A]

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