VREMI Horticulture Garden Tool Set


This Horticulture set is way nicer than I had anticipated. I have to admit that I typically just plant flowers and weed my flower bed and trim my juniper and that is as much into gardening as I have gotten but I’ve decided this year I would like a vegetable garden and since all of my tools are pretty much from the dollar store I knew it was time for an upgrade.

Currently it is 10 degrees outside so I can not honestly say how well these work in the dirt but I did do a video review so you could see the products up close.

First let me start with the bag, I like how everything is convenient. Every tool I could possibly need for flower garden is included and I can’t imaging I would need much more for a vegetable garden especially since I plan on doing a raised garden. The inside of the bag seems to be waterproof so if you are weeding you can throw your weeds in there and carry them to where you are taking them or if you’re transplanting you can even throw your plant in there. The top of the bag does have a Velcro closure which is another nice added feature.

The instructions are clever and they give each tool a name. This set also includes gloves that were a little big for me but I do have very small hands (I can wear my kid’s gloves) but they should fit someone with normal hands and they have the no slip inside which is nice. I’ll still be able to use these but would have liked them a little tighter. They are thinner than my current gloves, they will do the job but they won’t work as well if you’re planning on trimming anything with prickers.

The tools seems very sturdy and well made. They did arrive with a few scratches here and there but they are going to get a lot more once I start using them. I really had never seen a weed puller like the one included before and I can’t wait to try that out, it looks like it is going to work very well. The pruners seem quite sturdy and I would imagine they will work well on smaller branches but nothing bigger than 1/4 of an inch but I could be wrong. I don’t really like they way they lock but they do lock which is more than I can say for my current broken pair. Each of the tools include a rubber handle with a spot for your thumb to rest and finger grooves on the back. The tools are comfortable to hold and fairly lightweight for as big as they are.

The bag for [amazon text=this set&asin=B017I2TUXA]┬áis quite large at 15.5″H x 13.5″W not including the handles
The front pockets where the tools go are roughly 3″W x 6″H each
The side pockets where the gloves and the mister go are both mesh which is good because you don’t want mold to build up on either of those things. Those pockets are larger at 7″x7″

The tools are quite large, they are all approximately 12.5″ long at their longest point. The pruners are 8.75″ Long. Each of the tools are held in their individual pockets with a bungee cord.

I also really like the earthy colors used for [amazon text=this set&asin=B017I2TUXA]. As a designer these sort of things although not important to the function of the product, are important to me visually and the company did a good job with the colors of this set.

Overall this is one step closer to having the vegetable garden of my dreams, now to have my husband build it so I am ready to plant in the spring.

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