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Portion control works and it works well. I have successful lost weight with just portion control alone and when I added exercise I had great results, unfortunately I fell off the wagon and now I have to get going again and this kit will help me.

Typically when using portion control I was using measuring cups and counting calories which meant I was losing weight but I wasn’t getting enough healthy foods in, this system makes sure that you get in your vegetables and fruits as well as proteins and fats. The portions seem right on but trust me it isn’t easy at first and it takes a lot of willpower. The greatest benefit for these over measuring cups is that you can plan ahead which make you far more successful, if your food is ready to go when you’re hungry you’re less like to eat things you shouldn’t.

That all beings said [amazon text=this set&asin=B018X9GBS4] does have its pros and cons:

I do like that this kit comes with a chart to tell you what containers are for what foods but it would have been even better if the containers had been labeled. After a while the colors will be come second nature but when you are first starting out it will be one more deterrent in something that is already going to be cumbersome to start.

The lids do leak when holding liquids. I did a video review and I put water in a couple of the containers and the water does come out which is surprising because they feel like a tight seal. Granted, I’m guessing you’re not going to be putting water in these but it could prove to be troublesome if you’re using the little one for dressing for example.

I like that [amazon text=this kit&asin=B018X9GBS4] includes paperwork that has information to figure out your caloric intake and how many of each color container you should consume per day according to your intake. This is very helpful especially when you’re first starting out. I took the booklet and taped it to the inside of my kitchen cabinet door so I would always know where it was for reference, you’re going to want to keep it handy.

These are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and BPA free so that is of course a good thing because if you follow this plan you will be using these a lot.

Overall, these will do the job if you’re tying to lose weight and you’re willing to put for the effort. It is a shame that the lids aren’t a bit tighter and that the containers themselves aren’t labeled or this would easily be a 5 star product but for now they are a step in the right direction.

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