85 Piece First Aid Kit


This is not going to be your everyday first aid kit (if you have kids you know that you need an everyday first aid kit). This is however going to be a good kit to throw in your glove box or your hiking bag or your camping equipment.

This is jam packed with a lot of items. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of band aids that were included. They are the waterproof plastic feeling kind but they are hanging onto my daughter’s knee just fine right now.

I thought the case was nice, I like that it is a hard case and not too large and has a carabineer included.

The tweezers seem excessively large for the case and the scissors almost seem old and a little hard to use. They will do the trick but they could be better.

One thing that would have been nice to have is an ice pack, I feel like this is a necessity especially if you are putting this in your hiking bag. Cotton swabs and antibiotic ointment packs would have been a nice item as well.

That being said this [amazon text=first aid kit&asin=B015PJIVJM] is jam packed with a lot of items that you are going to need and there is a little room to supplement with other items but not much. In case you’re wondering what all is included here’s a list:

1 First Aid Guide
1 Scissors 9cm
1 Tweezer 12.5cm
1 Pair of vinyl gloves (L)
1 Mini Rescue Howler Whistle
1 Mini Rescue Howler Whistle
3 Sting relief pads
6 Antiseptic towelettes
14 Alcohol prep pads
1 Triangular bandage with 2 pins
1 5″ x 9″ combine dressing
20 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ bandages
10 Adhesive Bandages 76x25mm
10 Butterfly bandages
1 Knuckle bandage
2 Dressing, Non-Adherent, Sterile, 2 x 3 inches
2pcs 4″ x 4″ sterile gauze pad 2pcs/pack
2pcs 3″ x 3″ sterile gauze pads 2pcs/pack
4 2″ x 2″ sterile gauze pads
1 Elastic Bandage 5cmx4.5m
1 Adhesive Tape 1.25cmx5m
1 Carabiner
1 Content card

This [amazon text=first aid kit&asin=B015PJIVJM] will do the job in a pinch, while on the road or out and about and that is the important thing to me, I have way bigger kits for everything else I might need otherwise.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B015PJIVJM]

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