LANGRIA Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

I’m not sure I realized how much I needed this jewelry armoire for my jewelry. I knew that I had a lot and that my little jewelry armoire was not doing the job but I didn’t realize how bad it was until this arrived, this was much needed.

I will say that in retrospect I should have gone with the one with the two drawers in the bottom because I had more non jewelry keepsakes that I could have put in there but I ended up putting them in the pouch behind the necklaces and in jewelry boxes I had laying around so they would look nice on the shelves in the [amazon text=cabinet&asin=B01FMAXC34].

Putting this together was fairly easy, I did it by myself pretty much but needed help holding the cabinet up while attaching it to the base. I did mention in my video review a couple of tips for assembling this that might help anyone who is interested but really it is pretty straightforward. Once you have this tilted in the position you like you insert dowels into the back to hold the angle, I also show this in my video.

This has WAAAY more earring space than I would ever need. I have a nickel allergy in my ears so I don’t own hardly any earrings so I went ahead and used that for more necklace storage which I apparently can never have enough of. I also used the bottom of the earring rack for watches and bracelets that I wanted to display.

I was halfway through being completely confused as to where to put my rings when I realized that the top right was padded and had ring slots for storage I also used this space for my pins because there really wasn’t anywhere else to put them, I might have been able to use the earring slots but this is where the drawers would have come in handy as well.

This [amazon text=armoire&asin=B01FMAXC34] holds all of my jewelry and some of my daughter’s with room to spare and I can lock it up to keep my daughter out so I don’t have to worry about where my stuff is. 🙂

Things to note:
When this arrives the inside has a strong scent that smells just like paint, it went away in a couple of days but I wanted to mention it. Also, my only other complaint that doesn’t really affect me much is that when you put stud earrings on the holder it is kind of hard to get the backs on them because there is not much space behind there to put them on.

Otherwise I absolutely love this [amazon text=mirror cabinet&asin=B01FMAXC34], I love the bright white color and the clean lines of the cabinet; this allows it to fit into multiple room design styles.  If you don’t like the bright white this also comes in a walnut finish. 

Like I said I could have probably handled more necklace storage but it doesn’t really bother me, I just doubled up a couple of necklaces I don’t wear very often, really anything is better than the tiny thing I was using before. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01FMAXC34]

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