Pillow Pets Scented Cookie Pup

My daughter just got this and this is her second pillow pet, she currently has a unicorn that she has had for years and you can tell but it is still going strong. We saw this one and thought it was super cute and then we noticed that it smells like  and knew it must come live with us.

If your kid doesn’t currently have a pillow pet I’m amazed, I feel like all my daughter’s friends have them. If you are on the fence about getting one they are way more useful that I would have ever thought they would be. My daughter would bring her unicorn one to all sleepovers but now she will be able to bring this adorable pleasant smelling [amazon text=puppy&asin=[amazon text=chocolate chip cookies&asin=B01ATV5P18] instead.

I feel like this [amazon text=pillow pet&asin=B01ATV5P18] is much softer than her old one but then again its been a while since the old one was new. It is very shiny much like a real dog. Everywhere that it isn’t fuzzy dog “fur” it has chocolate chip cookie patterns which are also fuzzy. The only place the scent comes from is the cookie on the front left paw but it is dead on scent, if my daughter doesn’t already drool in her sleep she is going to now. 🙂

If you don’t like chocolate chip cookies, first, I feel sorry for you but more importantly there are other wonderful smelling pillow pets available such as, [amazon text=cotton candy scented unicorn&asin=B01AXZZVLE], [amazon text=cupcake scented puppy&asin=B01ATUJMMW], [amazon text=watermelon scented ladybug&asin=B01ATU34DK], and of course a [amazon text=gummy bear scented puppy&asin=B01ATVIMRC].

I’ve been a reluctant fan of the [amazon text=pillow pets&asin=B01ATV5P18] since my daughter’s first one; they are well made and a great design, I even like how they include attached Velcro covers for when the pet is flat so that the Velcro lasts longer.

It’s adorable, it’s functional and it smells good, what’s not to love?!

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01ATV5P18]

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