Langria DIY Modular Storage Unit

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Really easy to put together storage unit, perfect to hold my yarn and my daughter’s things too. 

I was asked to review this modular storage unit and didn’t know if I would have room for it in my home but then thought, “wait, it’s a storage unit, we have a lot of nonsense all around this house, we need this”. Good thing I listen to my internal monolog because it was right.

Not only was I able to use this for my yarn but we were able to separate it and use part of it in my daughter’s room as well. Keep in mind if you intend to separate this you will need to be creative because you will be at least one connector short from having enough for two [amazon text=storage units&asin=B01LVWHBOR], but we made it work by creating open shelving at the top of my daughter’s unit.

As I mentioned above, I wanted this for my yarn which seems to be multiplying despite my best efforts to knit whenever possible. One of the nice things about this [amazon text=system&asin=B01LVWHBOR] is that it includes doors and because you install them yourself (very easily I might add) you can position them to open any way you want. For my yarn storage I had them connected at the bottom and open at the top so that when I open the doors my yarn doesn’t roll out. My daughter had them open from side to side, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Just be aware that you may have to maneuver the doors around to make sure they close properly and don’t overlap. This unit also includes magnets that you install to help keep the doors shut and they work really well as long as you make sure you adjust them to get them just right when you install them. 

This was surprisingly simply to assemble. I decided to do an instructional review so that I could point out some assembly tips that I thought might be useful. Things to keep in mind are that the pattern is only on one side so make sure you have it pointing the way you want when you attach the connectors. Also make sure you attach your connectors properly, the ones that are going on the floor should be flat. We also made the ones on the front flat so you could see the logo but once you start doing these there are a number of ways you can assembly them. You basically start at the bottom and work your way up. 

There is a rod that is included that you can use to hang clothing or other items. When reviewing this it did not occur to me that you could leave out a bottom piece so you could hang adult size clothes not just kid clothes so please excuse my momentary lack of brain power, I’m a mom, that happens from time to time. I don’t think you would be able to hang a lot of clothes on this rod because you might be asking quite a bit of the metal that holds these together. This storage unit is surprisingly strong but I don’t think it is hang a leather coat and a bunch of jeans strong. 

If this is not enough storage for you these also come in a [amazon text=16 cube&asin=B01LW7SBQQ] and [amazon text=20 cube&asin=B01LVXPKSR] version and if you don’t like the contrast of the black and white you can get the whole unit in all white but it doesn’t look like you can get it all black. 

I really like these [amazon text=units&asin=B01LVWHBOR]. I like the pattern on them and how it has the contrast between shiny and matte. I think I would have liked it a little better if you could choose to have black or white doors because I would have preferred black but the white does look nice. Just make sure you are paying attention when you assemble it and that you are patient especially when adding the doors, I bet we took ours on and off 20 times before we got them just right. Of course it was just me and my 11 year old daughter assembling them so that might be part of it. I do a lot of home improvement projects and I can tell you this was way quicker than building it with wood, maybe not as durable but certainly durable enough to hold a ridiculous amount of yarn. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01LVWHBOR]

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