Miageek Bohemian Maxi Dress


I personally think this dress in beautiful in person, much nicer than even the photos of it are. Apparently everyone at my church feels the same way because I got this for my daughter and she wore it to church yesterday and everyone commented on how nice it was.

I will say that my daughter is 10 and this fit her perfectly except for the fact that it is a little long unless she wears a wedge heel an then it floats along the ground the way that a [amazon text=bohemian dress&asin=B01AF5RHAU] should. (She is approximately 4′-8″ tall) She typically wears XS or Small woman’s or a 14-16 girls and I would say this tends towards an XS (I got a small) it probably would’t hurt to go up a size.

I was surprised at how good the quality of this dress is. You would think for the price that the top would be thin and that the skirt would be see through which it probably would be if it weren’t fully lined with a slip. The top is a medium weight fabric that almost feels like spandex. One thing I didn’t point out in my video because I didn’t notice it until yesterday is that there is a hidden zipper along the right side just under the arm, it’s so hidden that I didn’t notice it until right before my daughter went to take it off and I thought it was a thread. 🙂

My favorite thing about this [amazon text=dress&asin=B01AF5RHAU] is the skirt and the pattern on it. I love all things vintage and this reminded me of a true vintage skirt. I also loved that they took the time to find a belt that is similar in pattern but not the same and it compliments the skirt perfectly; this is a true bohemian look.

The top of this is a “wrap top” so if you have a larger chest that may or may not be an issue for you.

I personally think this is a beautiful [amazon text=dress&asin=B01AF5RHAU] and I thought my daughter looked lovely in it and she was thrilled when I told her she could wear it to church on Sunday. Everyone always comments about what a fashionista she is and this dress didn’t disappoint.

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