Bag Wizard Laptop Backpack


This bag is great. My daughter has a [amazon text=Bag Wizard bag &asin=B0152X3128] that she got for school and we were so impressed with it I knew that this bag would not disappoint either.

I got the simple gray colored [amazon text=backpack&asin=B0152X3128] and love the clean lines of the bag. The black contrasting details really add to the design of this bag. There is plenty of storage despite the fact that the shape is not your standard backpack shape. There are pockets upon pockets upon pockets. This would be a great work bag because there is a space for a laptop or tablet and even holders for pens. If you’re wondering this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B0152X3128] is 17″ x 11″ and expands to 5.5″ deep overall.

The straps of this are cushioned and comfortable. My daughter used it for school today along with her [amazon text=other Bag Wizard bag &asin=B00YCLC8ZI] because she decided to bring the whole library home with her and she said it was very nice and it was fully loaded and still comfortable to carry.

I also want to add that their service is great. I had an issue with my first bag and they got back to me right away and took care of it immediately. Top notch!

Overall, this is a nicely designed very useful backpack that would be great for any gender and any age.[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0152X3128]

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