Silver Mountain Puppy Paw Necklace

I love animals. I have 2 dogs, a cat and 2 kids 🙂 I recently had to have my cat of 16 years put down and it was very difficult and anyone who has gone through that sort of pain knows what a special place our animals have in our heart, they are our family and our best friends. Sometimes a simple piece of jewelry to remember them by is nice to have.

This is a very lovely [amazon text=silver necklace&asin=B019OB39EE] with the cutest little paw print right on the heart. The paw has several tiny black crystals in it. The silver on this necklace shines especially when it hits the light just right. I have included measurements in the video part of my review in case you were wondering about the size.

The other nice thing about this [amazon text=necklace&asin=B019OB39EE] is is the presentation, they way this arrives makes it a perfect gift. Be prepared to wait a bit to receive it but it came way earlier than the expected date.

I thought at first that I would keep this for myself to help me to remember my Sir Simon (my cat who passed) but I think I would rather give it to a good friend of mine who is a surgical vet tech because she spends everyday saving the lives of animals and I would rather picture this as a symbol of hope rather than of remembrance. No matter what you are getting this for, to remember a pet that has passed, or to commemorate the adoption of a new pet or for someone who works with and loves animals I’m sure they will be thrilled with this [amazon text=necklace&asin=B019OB39EE].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019OB39EE]

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