Foodytools Metal Measuring Spoons


The reason that I say I love these measuring spoons is simple, they fit in my spice jar. It annoys me so much when a recipe calls for a tsp of something and I have to try to tap it into my [amazon text=measuring spoon&asin=B011ZTIIYO] rather than being able to scoop it out, I mean it’s called a spoon, I should be able to scoop with it.

There is more than that when it comes to the nice features of this set. My second favorite thing is how flat they are. I have a lot of measuring devices in my island drawer and some of them take up way more space than necessary. As you will see in my video review my current measuring set is excessively large. This set is clean lined and flat and stores away nicely taking very little space.

These are very clearly marked and it is imprinted into the metal not just printed on it. When measurements are printed on, it doesn’t matter if it is metal or plastic or rubber they are going to come off eventually and then your measuring spoons and cups are useless.

These [amazon text=set&asin=B011ZTIIYO] is stainless steel and because of their material they have a rather modern look which I appreciate.

The handles on these are plenty long, each one is approximately 3.5″ This is nice if you are trying to get to the bottom of your spice container or whatever you’re measuring.

My only two complaints about these is that I wish that there was a 1/2 tablespoon as that is a handy measurement to have and the ring that holds them makes it a little difficult to use one and not have to wash all of them. It is similar to a key ring so there is no easy on and off with one spoon. This may be a good thing to some people because it is a lot harder to lose a whole set of spoons rather than just one. 🙂

So far so good on these [amazon text=measuring spoons&asin=B011ZTIIYO]. I plan on using them regularly so if I find any issues I will update my review.

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