Bamber Wooden Chopsticks



I typically only use chopsticks when I eat sushi because I have yet to find a better way to eat sushi especially since I mainly eat California Rolls. That being said I don’t always remember to grab chopsticks at the store and now I don’t have to because I have this lovely set.

This is not my first set of [amazon text=chopsticks&asin=B018JV5JWK] but all my other sets are long gone and I haven’t had my own set in years. I’ve had plastic and I’ve wooden but I definitely prefer wooden ones. ¬†These are sandalwood and the wood is gorgeous in person.

These are very nice, I really like the cording (available in black or brown) that is wrapped around the top and I also really like that they have flat edges so where you put your fingers there are flat spots to make them a little bit easier to hold and grip yet the bottoms are round like standard [amazon text=chopsticks&asin=B018JV5JWK].

I am admittedly slightly out of practice but I found these [amazon text=chopsticks&asin=B018JV5JWK]¬†comfortable and easy to use and lovely to look at. I’m very excited to get some sushi soon and give them a true test and if I should find any problems I will be sure to update this review but for now I think these are great and would even make a lovely gift.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B018JV5JWK]

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