Imperial Collection Knife Set

I’m a fan of a good cooking knife. I cook for my family almost every night and a good sharp knife is a necessity.

This [amazon text=knife/block set&asin=B01C7V00J0] has a lot going for it but a couple of issues as well.

Let me start with the [amazon text=block &asin=B01C7V00J0]. The design and finish on this is sleek and modern. I love the fact that when the knives are in it I am reminded of the titanic. 🙂 There are grippers on the bottom but they don’t seem to keep the block from moving around a lot, this might not be a big issue to some people but it is a bit bothersome to me. There are a couple of very small spots on the top of my block, I’m not sure what they are from but they were there when I opened it. Again, not a huge deal but worth mentioning. The block is roughly 10″ L x 4″W (at its widest) and 9.5″H at its tallest. It is not very heavy and will certainly do the job.

Onto the [amazon text=knives&asin=B01C7V00J0], there are 5 included in the set and they are indeed quite sharp when they arrive. There is a chef knife, carving knife and bread knife that all have the same dimensions, an 8″ blade and 13″ overall. The set also includes a utility knife with a 5″ blade and 9.25″ overall and a paring knife that is 3.5″ and 8″ overall.

All of the [amazon text=knives&asin=B01C7V00J0] arrive very well protected with tip covers, in plastic with a cardboard sleeve so there are no issues with them being damaged in transit.

The [amazon text=knives&asin=B01C7V00J0] do indeed have very nice sharp blades (I included video of me cutting a tomato) but the hammered looking textured part along the top actually bothered me a little. I noticed it a little when I was cutting my tomato and then didn’t notice it at all when I was cutting my chicken but when I tried cutting through some mozzarella with it, it was very noticeable. I’m not sure if it is on there just for a design aesthetic or if there is a particular reason for it but I honestly could have done without it.

The [amazon text=knives&asin=B01C7V00J0] are available in 3 different colors, the red an black like I reviewed as well as [amazon text=white&asin=B01C7V00IG] or [amazon text=red&asin=B01C7V00IQ]

I did wash these in the dishwasher, no issue. I like how the handle is attached to the blade. I’ve had knives in the past that are inserted into the handle and water gets down in there and rusts the blades (that is a stupid design); these knives are nice and solid all the way down to the handle. The handle is comfortable and has almost a rubber feel to it with a hard plastic inlay with the companies logo on it.

Overall this is a nice beginner set with all the most important knives you are going to need. Time will tell how well they hold up and how often they will need to be sharpened but for now they did the job they needed to do and looked good doing it.

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