Songmics 5-Tier Shoe Rack



I had got this for my daughter and her ridiculous amount of shoes but after we got it all put together I ended up giving her my $50 adjustable shoe rack and kept this one for mine and my husband’s shoes.

I can see why people say that this is [amazon text=shoe rack&asin=B00NSKX0EM] cheap, it definitely is not expensive material but really neither was the $50 one I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond. The reason I like this one over my old one is that my old one had 2 bars that ran horizontally to hold the shoes and it seemed like whenever I put one pair of shoes on it 5 pairs would fall off and it was always a sloppy mess and incredibly frustrating.

As soon as I saw this put together I knew it was going to solve our issues and it does perfectly. The only issue I had while putting it together is that I had a 10 year old “helping” me and she decided to rush through it and put two sets of the plastic end pieces on upside-down and when we went to fix them one of them broke but we had an extra one in the package so it wasn’t a big deal but pay attention when you put this together and make sure you are putting the pieces on properly.

The horizontal pieces have a water resistant fabric that the shoes sit on. Some people might say this is a bad idea but this makes perfect sense to me. (1) the shoes actually stay on and (2) when my shoes are wet they aren’t dripping onto the shoes below them.

This [amazon text=shoe rack&asin=B00NSKX0EM] holds more shoes than my more expensive one and holds them better so I am very happy with this shoe rack. Also, as a side note cats love this too. As soon as we put it together my cat thought it was hers. So if you happen to be the owner of 5 cats that want a place to hang out this makes an awesome multi-cat bed. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00NSKX0EM]

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