Primode Christmas Tree Storage Bag


I have been putting my Christmas tree back in the box it came in for the past 10 years and the box has held up quite well but we have begun to notice that it isn’t going to last much longer plus we keep it in our basement and I’m always worried about mold on it since it is cardboard.

This [amazon text=tree storage bag&asin=B019BXSHIS], I believe, was much needed. I was honestly surprised at how large this bag was when I opened it up; it comes folded up so nicely that you would never expect that it would get that big. There are nice long handles on the top and a handle on the end that makes it easier to go up and down the stairs with it. There is a zipper pouch on the front that will fit your tree stand or your tree skirt or whatever you might want to put in there. There is a plastic covered label holder on one side so that you will know exactly what is in there, this is perfect especially if you have more than one tree.

The top of this [amazon text=storage bag&asin=B019BXSHIS] zips from both sides so if you have an extra large tree that will make it easier to get it in and out. I have a 7.5′ tree that I always disassemble and put each row of branches into labeled bags so it is easy to put up the next year. I was very easily able to fit all of my branches in this bag and there was tons of room to spare. If they weren’t already packed away I could easily have included some of my decorations in here as well.

My husband had no problem carrying this bag back down into our basement and putting it away for next year. No more box for our tree, this is much more festive anyway. 🙂

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