Joseph Noelle Wind Chime

I have a lot of wind chimes (I think we’re close to 20 on our property now). My husband has been collecting them for as long as we have been together so I have a lot to compare this set to. This are quite lovely, I am especially pleased with the amber colored glass diamond detail on the bottom. I had no problems with these being bent or damaged in any way, I took them out of the box and hung them up without issue.

I have to admit that I am spoiled because I have very [amazon text=expensive wind chimes&asin=B00GKZ25JS] that are tuned to specific notes and sound like church bells so by comparison these sound slightly tinny to me but that pretty much means that they sound like a typical [amazon text=wind chime&asin=B0140G8WC2] in this price range. In my house the chimes themselves look black but outside they looked almost bronze so I’m not 100% sure what the finish color is on these, black or bronze they’ll match everything. The longest tube on these is 14″ and thanks to their clean design they will look great with any style home.

I would have no problem giving these as a gift to someone who likes [amazon text=wind chimes&asin=B0140G8WC2]. Despite the fact that they are not as elegant of a sound as my super expensive wind chimes they are still peaceful and soothing and everything that everyone loves about [amazon text=wind chimes&asin=B0140G8WC2].

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