EVIDECO Jewelry Organizer & Holder


I quite like this [amazon text=jewelry organizer&asin=B00HV3U8CY]. I love the design of the silhouette of the tree with the little bird, it is a style that will go with a lot of different decors.

I got this for my daughter for Christmas. She is getting older and not as interested in toys but interested in jewelry and clothes and in an attempt at keeping her room slightly clean I thought she would like this (I have to wait a couple of months to know for sure). I know I would like it if I received this as a gift. This is made of a rigid plastic material that I prefer over metal because I know it will hold up over time. It comes in two pieces that easily snap together. There is tons of room for earrings (I’m counting 30 different pair holes), necklaces, rings, watches etc. Overall dimensions of this at the widest points are 13.5″H x 9.25″W and the base is 6.5″.

I really hope that my daughter likes this but on the off chance that she doesn’t I’m keeping it. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00HV3U8CY]

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