Highland Farms Handmade Gnome

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I love this little handmade gnome so much, his cuteness is almost too much for me to handle

I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing this gnome before he was available for sale because the seller was trying to see if there would be any interest in him. I don’t think I could reply to the email fast enough. I am a sucker for anything I find whimsical and adorable and I like gnomes and I love things that are even remotely Christmas related. The nice thing about this guy is that yes he will fit in with Christmas decorations but I can leave him out all year round and admire his cuteness and not feel like one of those people who leaves their Christmas stuff out all the time (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 

This [amazon text=little guy&asin=B01LJVGM28] is handmade and he is pretty solid. His tush is full of bean bag beads and it is pretty heavy, I even tried to push him down in my video review and it took quite a bit of effort to knock him over which is great because as you will see in the video I have a cat and her favorite pastime is knocking over my things. 

I love his little hat with the extended point, the fact that we can’t see his eye because, like the rest of us he wears his hat right down on his nose, his little feet, his soft and silky white beard, really there is absolutely nothing I don’t like about this [amazon text=little guy&asin=B01LJVGM28]. 

I can appreciate the detail put into this even though it is subtle. The slight contrast on the sleeves and the feet are just enough to give him a little extra while not drawing away from the fact that he is suppose to be simple. Also, I need to mention how well he compliments my dining room table, this just adds to the fact that he was meant to live with me. 

If you’re a fan of [amazon text=gnomes&asin=B01LJVGM28], if you like Christmas stuff that doesn’t scream, “I’m a Christmas decoration”, if you like cute, whimsical and well made items look no further, this [amazon text=little guy&asin=B01LJVGM28] is for you. For now I have to think of a name for him because it is bad luck not to name your gnome so I’m open to suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment with gnome names. Right now he’s my no name gnomey. 🙂 

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