Hoddmimis Elephant Jewelry Box

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Adorable and well made jewelry box/organizer

I got this elephant jewelry box to give as a Christmas present to a little girl I know because all little girls need a jewelry box, that is just a fact of life. When I ordered this I thought that it would be like the “wooden” jewelry boxes that I grew up having that played music and had a ballerina in them but this is made a lot better than those ones. 

This is heavier than anticipated and that is basically because it is well made and it is larger than your standard one drawer kid’s jewelry box. I love the colors on it, I keep going back and forth as to what I want to call the blue-green color, I want to call it turquoise but then I want to call it aqua no matter what the exact color is it is perfect for the theme and style of this [amazon text=jewelry box&asin=B01HK9GCMS]. 

This is listed as an elephant style because of the cute little elephant on the top but I think the birds are really the star of the show here. If you are not a fan of this style don’t worry there are three other ones to choose from including a [amazon text=bird&asin=B01HK9GCLY], a [amazon text=butterfly&asin=B01HK9GCOG] and an [amazon text=owl&asin=B01HK9GCN2] (I kind of love the owl one a lot too). 

There are some nice details on this [amazon text=jewelry box&asin=B01HK9GCMS] even if you don’t want to discuss the design. The little crystal knobs, the lined drawers and storage areas, the nice big mirror on the top, the curves on the front of the top and bottom and the silver hinges that work nice and smoothly, its all there and it is all done really well. 

I think any little girl would be thrilled to have this [amazon text=jewelry box&asin=B01HK9GCMS]. I bet there are a few not so little girls that would like it a lot as well. It is solid, it is well made, it is full of cute little details and it is the sort of thing that will last a long time and possible supply wonderful memories just like ballerina jewelry box did for me. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01HK9GCMS]

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