Cheerwing Wooden Grocery Market Fruit Stand

I got this grocery store stand to give to my son’s pre-k because they are always looking for things for the kids to use for pretend time and I thought this would be a nice addition. 

This whole unit is made out of wood with the exception being the fabric canopy. It is very sturdy and perfect for my son’s school and would work well in a waiting room or daycare because the whole thing can be easily cleaned but not easily broken. 

This was pretty easy to assembly, it took me about 20 minutes and that includes mistakes. My main tip, as will all things like this, do not tighten the screws until you have them all in place, this is especially true with the vertical sides because the larger vertical slats are a little hard to line up. 

You will need a phillips head screwdriver for the bulk of this but the top piece that sticks out to make the bottom of the canopy has hardware that is attached with an allen wrench which is included. 

My only complaints with this [amazon text=grocery stand&asin=B01LXLV098] is that the finish on one of the smaller white slats was a little rough, the canopy had some loose threads that could be easily cut off and I’m not sure why the dowel on the top sticks out. Otherwise I like all the little [amazon text=fruits and vegetables&asin=B01LXLV098] even the one that we’re not sure what it is, we think it’s an orange but we’re not 100%. This also includes a little wooden “knife” because two of the fruits (the watermelon and the tomato) have velcro on them so they can be “cut” in half. All the little wooden baskets are included and they sit nicely at an angle in the front of you can lay them flat in the back behind the higher wooden slat. 

The colors on this [amazon text=stand&asin=B01LXLV098] are very cute and it is the perfect height at 25-1/4″H. This is just over 15″ deep and just under 15″ wide so it will fit nicely in most play rooms. 

My son is almost 5 and was having a lot of fun playing with this but I would think kids much older than him might not pay as much interest to it. The manufacturer age recommends 8 and up but personally that seems high to me. That being said my 11 year old daughter played shop owner with him with it yesterday and they both had fun so really I suppose there is no top end age limit, it just depends on how much your kids still use their imagination and like to play pretend, some lucky people never outgrow that. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01LXLV098]


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