Excelvan Mini Camera Video Glasses


I’m giving these four stars because of the novelty of them. It’s fun and cool to own [amazon text=video glasses&asin=B00WSQ776E] but they are definitely not without their flaws.

I point out the majority of these things in the video review but here are the key points.

Umm, they’re video glasses so that’s super cool
For the main part they look like real glasses
They’re pretty stylish
They are MAC compatible
They come with their own charging cord, a very nice case and a cleaning cloth
The price point is not bad
And in case I didn’t mention it before they’re [amazon text=video glasses&asin=B00WSQ776E]

The video is a little grainy (Please see above, only grainy when it is night bright out)
The sound is not the best, I don’t have a lisp but it makes me sound like I do
You can not move around a lot while wearing them which is very hard for me to do
I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the date and time on the time stamp despite reading the directions repeatedly
I’m not sure why there even needs to be a time stamp
They don’t come with a memory card
They are not the most comfortable glasses but I’ve worn and owned worse
You can see the blinking light while filming
To turn them on and off and stop and start filming or to take pictures is a little awkward it would have been better if the button was on top

Overall, these would be a great gift for a kid or a teenager but if you’re thinking of using them for family memories or major events you might want to consider another option. That being said they’re still fun and fairly easy to use, they just need to be tweaked a bit.

UPDATE: Yes, I’m updating this already a day after my previous update. My husband borrowed these glasses today because he wanted to use them while riding his motorcycle and I have to say that they are way more impressive in daylight. It is very dark in my house even with the lights on and that is why the first part of my video looks so grainy. When my husband wore these on his motorcycle today the picture is great! I was very happy to see this. So I have updated my original video to include the video that he took today on his motorcycle at the end.
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