Waliki Ostrich Ball Hopper


My son LOVES his new ostrich ball hopper. This is his 3rd waliki toy. He started with Benny the Bull, a necessity for any mom of a toddler, and then graduated to the kangaroo hopper and now the ostrich. I can’t decide between the kangaroo and the ostrich which one I like better; they’re both adorable.

This is the perfect size for my 41″ tall 3 year old. These balls are very durable. As you will see in my video review I had the kids demonstrate them on our street with no issues. This is a good thing because little boys are tough on their toys.  I also got the [amazon text=adult version&asin=B01353E9LE] for my daughter which you will see in the video. 

When you get these, the ball and the ostrich and the pump are all wrapped separately. You pump up the ball 3/4 full and then you put the ostrich on and finish filling it up (all while an excited 3 year old is jumping up and down) and that’s it.

These are super cute, hours of fun, good exercise and best of all they don’t plug in or require batteries. My giant 3 year old couldn’t be happier with his new ostrich. (There’s a sentence you don’t hear everyday) 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Kid’s Ostrich Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01353H4XE]

[amazon text=Click Here For Adult Ostrich Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01353H4XE]

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