3DLightFX R2-D2 Light

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Easily the coolest light I’ve ever seen

This R2-D2 light from 3dLightFX is the coolest.

You would think since we named our son Anakin that we were big star wars fans but it’s actually the opposite, we liked the name so after we named him that we became bigger star wars fans so when I was asked to review a 3D light that had the option of a star wars theme of of course said yes.

If you too are a star wars fan but not specifically R2-D2 don’t worry there are tons of options available as you will see in the video part of my review. Not a star wars fan, don’t worry about that either there are options from Disney, Marvel, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Minions, Sports themes and many, many other options. These are available from Target and are battery operated so no cords required and since they are LED lights they use very little energy, just (3) AA batteries (not included) and you’re good to go.

These do not put off a ton of light and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to show you exactly what lights up on R2-D2 because that is one thing the product listing doesn’t do a very good job of- showing you exactly what lights up. My husband thought the whole thing would light up which I honestly think would have been too much light. The two lights on this unit are just enough for my son to play a little in bed while drifting off to sleep but not enough to keep him awake. There is a timer option which lasts 30 minutes. So, on the on/off switch you can choose between the obvious on and off or you can choose the timer option which is on the bottom; this is nice because my son knows to go in and put the switch all the way to the bottom so he doesn’t waste the batteries.

The lights on this piece are cool to the touch and he is very light weight despite its size. The body is roughly 14” x 10” and the sticker is obviously bigger than that so make sure you have enough room for this when installing. A quick tip from a designer stand point (that’s what I use to do for a living) make sure you have batteries in this with the lights on and test it with and without the lights on where you want to install it, it made us change our mind from where we initially wanted to put it. Once you start that sticker install there is no turning back so make sure you get it where you want it.

You will need a couple of tools to install this including masking tape, a philips head screwdriver, a 1/4” drill bit (or slightly smaller) and possibly a hammer and level. You can watch the video part of my review for install help so I’m not going to take the time to type that all out here. 🙂

Once this is installed on your wall you will easily have the coolest light in town. It is amazing how realistic this looks and how much it looks like it is breaking through your wall. I think that is why I am more of fan of the star wars and marvel lights because they seem like the kind of characters that would break through your wall, but whatever one you choose you can’t go wrong. These lights are fun, and fantastic and really impressive and if you’re a fan of any of the genres 3DLightFX has in their designs you’re going to be happy.

If you’re wondering where to purchase this guy as of right now he exclusively available at Target and Target.com, here is a directly link in case you are interested. http://bit.ly/TargetUSFamily

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