Jebsens Z6 Modern Adjustable Clamp Light


I am a fan of all things modern design and I am also a fan of lighting. I was an Interior Designer for 6 years before kid number 2 and I know how important lighting can be for a space. I have an old drafting table that I have had since I was in college. Although I no longer hand draft it is still a very useful table. It did come with an old articulating [amazon text=drafting light &asin=B00L6PWMN6] but my husband took that and uses it out in his garage and until recently I did not need it but I’m finding lately that I need more lighting in the house and especially at my drafting table.

This is the modern equivalent to my old architectural light. This is clean lined and modern and moves a million different directions. Add to that unlike my old light this has 3 brightness settings and the ability to turn the light upside down for uplighting/ ambient lighting. This [amazon text=light &asin=B00L6PWMN6] was very easy to install. The only tool required is an allen wrench which is included. You simply mount the clamp to the light and then clamp it onto your desk. The cord is nice and long so you shouldn’t have any issues reaching an outlet.

This is a touch button to turn it on and off and change the brightness level. You barely have to touch the button to get it turn on. The light itself is 11″ long and 3″W, it can fold right down almost flush with the furniture it is placed on or extend as high as 40″.

No matter what you are using this light for it should do the job. The articulation is a little tight but I don’t consider that a bad thing especially when I have times where I had been hand drafting and the light slipped, not a good thing. Sorry the video that goes with this is not that great, this was surprisingly hard to film by myself. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00L6PWMN6]

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