Eboot Chenille Pipe Cleaners

I have zero complaints about these pipe cleaners.

I do not do a lot of crafts so the only thing I use [amazon text=pipe cleaners&asin=B01D417HO8] for is my knitting. I like to make stuffed zoo animals and they require pipe cleaners to make them posable. For example I make an elephant who has posable legs and trunk and because he is decent sized he requires some decent [amazon text=pipe cleaners&asin=B01D417HO8].

The pipe cleaners I buy from the local art supply store are much more expensive than these and they are not nice and fuzzy like these ones and not as strong (they are a little longer though but since I always end up having to cut them that doesn’t help me any). The reason why I like how fuzzy these are is that because I am putting these in stuffed animals it is kind of important that they not be noticeable. No one wants to get a beautifully knitted animal that took days to make and you can feel wires in it or the legs won’t hold it up because they are not strong enough.

If you are using these [amazon text=pipe cleaners&asin=B01D417HO8]¬†for crafts there are lots of possibilities because of how soft and fuzzy they are. As far as me and my knitting go they are exactly what I needed. Now if I could ever finish the zebra I’m knitting for them to go into…

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