Amosting GPTOYS RC Truck

We’ve tried two vehicles from this company now (Amosting), this [amazon text=car&asin=B019BY68UG] and their [amazon text=monster truck&asin=B017AYXV9U]. Actually we got the [amazon text=monster truck&asin=B017AYXV9U] and when this one became an option my husband couldn’t wait to try it.

I’ve included as much information as I could in my video review and you can even see a little bit of the monster truck in there as well. They are somewhat similar but there are some noticeable differences.

First, obviously is the body style. The nice thing about this company is that you can purchase different bodies and parts in their store. This is definitely a sleek looking lightweight [amazon text=car&asin=B019BY68UG]. The spoiler does not come attached when you get it, you have to take the body off and put it on with very small screws (screws and screwdriver are included). My husband found this to be a bit of a pain to do so be aware of that. You also have to take the body off every time you want to charge this as the battery is located underneath. This is also kind of a pain because there are 4 small hairpins that hold the body on that you have to be careful not loose and unlike the truck I don’t believe this one came with any extras however, I’m pretty sure you can purchase them from the company if needed.

The wheels on this are not filled like the truck was so my husband thought it would have a harder time in the grass but as you will see in my video it fairs very well, we even hopped the curb with it a bunch of times. I know that some people have said that theirs has not held up well but so far ours has been fine and my husband has been driving it almost every day. My daughter even drove it and crashed it way more that actually moving it and still no issues.

The battery that is included is charged when it arrives but the charge does not last very long so it is a good idea to invest in an [amazon text=extra battery&asin=B019R97ABQ] if you can.

This is a very fast [amazon text=RC car&asin=B019BY68UG], we have no way of clocking it but everything says it can go 33+mph so it really is not meant for kids, it’s apparently not meant for me either because I can’t seem to drive the thing without crashing it. 🙂

No matter what, this is a lot of fun, my husband and his friends really like it.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019BY68UG]

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  1. Jon Depth says:

    most hobby grade stuff has a body held on with “hairpins”. and all lipo batteries come with a “storage charge”, usually around 3.7 volts per cell. not recommended to run it out of the box. fully charge the battery first.

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