Multifunction Kitchen Shears


Let me start out by saying if you are planning on using all the tools that this includes as your only version of these tools then you might be disappointed because they are meant more to be an on demand use rather than your one and only version of that tool with the exception being the scissors themselves.

That being said, I plan on using these in my camper which is the perfect place for them. If you have a small kitchen and don’t need some of these tools very often then these might be a good fit for you.

These are basically the swiss army knife of kitchen shears. It is to the point that you almost forget they are actually scissors because they do so much more.

I have rather small hands and I didn’t find these particularly comfortable to use but my husband likes them because his hands are huge. Since I would be using these just as kitchen shears it doesn’t bother me that much that they aren’t the most comfortable scissors ever because I won’t be using them for long periods of time.

Since scissors are only one of the tools on these I feel like I have only begun to scratch the surface of what these can do. I tested the knife and felt like it could have been a little sharper but I like my knives very sharp so I’m pretty picky about that sort of thing, this will certainly do the job depending on what you’re cutting.

I used the nut cracker and was able to crack an almond (I didn’t have success with a different almond but I wasn’t able to crack that one with my actual nut cracker either). If you watch the video part of my review you will see that I was trying my hardest to crack that nut so that is a testament to the strength of these, or a testament to how weak I am. 🙂

I don’t have a fish handy to scale, I’ve actually never scaled a fish so I’m not the person to tell you how well that works. I have no doubts that the screwdriver will work, the wrench will work depending on what size nut you are trying to use it on. The wire stripper looks very similar to my actual wire stripper so I can’t see any reason that wouldn’t work but since I don’t have any wires handy that is just speculation.

Once camping season starts and I start using these more I’m sure I will find other things to note about these and I’ll be sure to update my Amazon review if I do. For now they will certainly do what I need them to do and take up very little space in my camper. Actually if you’re wondering how big these are they are 7.5″L x 3.75″W. The handles are 2.5″L x 1″ (these are inside measurements).

I will keep testing these kitchen shears out and try to use everything I can on them but because these do so much that could take a while.

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Scissors, Best Quality Multifunction Kitchen Shears with Premium Blades, Fruit Slicer, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Fish Scaler, Nutcracker, Screwdriver, and More, Total Satisfaction Guarantee. (Orange)

Speed up your kitchen duties and be an organized all set camper with this great tool!

Have one tool with 10 uses in a single purchase. Great for home and for outdoor.

– Do you wish for a kitchen tool that has multiple functions so you can save time?

– Have you tried a pair of shears which can do more than just cutting; also handy for outdoor activities?

– Is your current kitchen scissors retaining food residue on its fulcrum?

Durable pair of scissors with all-around functions.

This long-lasting product with premium quality blades is not just a pair of shears. Aside from cutting strings, packages, and herbs, it’s take-apart scissors which can be used as a knife for cutting vegetables and fruits. When the high-quality blades are separated, one of the pairs can be used as a fish scale remover. It’s a cooking scissors but it can be used at some part of the house other than the kitchen; it can be a screw extractor, a wrench or spanner which can turn bolts and a cable stripping tool. It is great for camping because it can be a bottle cap opener, a walnut cracker, and a can opener. Its come-apart feature makes it easy to clean which will leave no build-ups of residues.

Save time and have your tools ready anytime, anywhere!

– Every part of this cutting shears have different uses. Minimizes time in finding other tools from the kitchen cabinet.

– This multipurpose tool is great for camping. With this kitchen scissors in your camping bag, you’ll also have bottle cap opener and can opener. Makes it more convenient staying in a tent.

– This multifunction kitchen utensil is a screw driver and wrench too. It’s easier to go to the kitchen and grab this gadget when you need to tighten up some screws.

This is a premium quality product with money back guarantee.

Special pricing is for a limited period only so add to cart now and enjoy this must-have multifunction kitchen tool.

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